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Kids May Be More Likely to Exercise When Friends Do

Study suggests that activity with peers might benefit overweight children.


Brain Protein Tied to Alzheimer's Spotted in Young Adults

People as young as 20 have amyloid buildup, but researchers aren't sure what it means.


Common Class of Drugs May Be Linked to Pneumonia Risk

But more research is needed before scientists say anticholinergics cause the infection.


Fried Foods Tied to Raised Heart Failure Risk

Eaten regularly, they might boost chances as much as 68 percent, study finds.


Helping Student-Athletes With Mental Health Issues

Guidelines issued for U.S. high schools.


In Vitro Births Continue to Rise in U.S.

Researchers also report drop in number of multiple embryo transfers, twin and triplet birth rates.


Typical Adult Over 30 Gets Flu Twice Every 10 Years: Study

Infection hits younger people more often, maybe because they mingle in larger groups, researcher suggests.


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